Staff Induction

  1. Staff Induction
What is out Philosophy of Care?
1. To maintain optimal independence for our clients. Our strategy is to ensure our client’s maintain good health, wellbeing and independence and are therefore not to replace tasks that our clients are capable of doing themselves.
2. To provide our clients with whatever care they need. If a client asks us to do something, as long as it is reasonably within our capability, we should do this for them to make their lives easier.
3. To push “Help” and encourage our clients to be as independent as possible. The right answer is Correct
4. The Role of a Support Worker can include many things. Look at the list below and tick all the boxes that fall under the general duties of a support worker
5. The NDIS requires that all Support Workers are suitable for working with participants and ask that all Employees have the following Identification checks. Please check the boxes for the checks you have.
6. The NDIS has a Disability Worker Exclusion List protect the safety of vulnerable people and to ensure disability workers are able to be trusted with their care. There are three different criteria that would make someone ineligible to be a support worker. What are they?
7. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for abuse in any form. Select from the list below what constitutes abuse.
8. In some cases, a support worker may have concerns relating to a participant’s money or finances. These concerns could include worry that a participant is being taken advantage of by a third party, that they have lost or misplaced money or valuables, that they are not capable of managing their own financier responsibly or that they may be accused of allegations of misconduct. If these concerns arise, what should be done?
9. What are the most important things staff must ensure they do if a participant hands them money (cash, cheque, voucher) and asks them to make a purchase on their behalf (such as grocery shopping)?
10. Money handling for a vulnerable person comes with many rules to avoid misappropriation, mishandling and misunderstanding. <br>It’s extremely important that all staff know what boundaries are with money handling as their consequences can come, not only from an employment standpoint, but a legal one if funds are misappropriated or mishandled. Please select from the below list all things staff MUST NOT do to adhere to the policy and procedures.
11. When is it okay to express private or confidential information to a third party (such as other participants, co-workers or your own friends and family members)?