Respite & Short Term Accomodation(STA)

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Respite Care (In home)

As you age and your health declines, being able to stay in the comfort of your own home following a hospital stay or for convalescing after an injury or illness is an option that many older persons choose. One form of support that can be utilised to enable you to remain in your own home during this time, is to receive respite care.

Farris Care Services’ team is available to support you in your own home should you choose respite care. We have a team of experienced and qualified persons who will plan your individualised respite care in consultation with you.

Short Term Accomodation (STA)

In some circumstances a participant may require integrated support for self-care, accommodation, food and activities in a centre or group residence for short periods. That is, from time to time, participants may require temporary comprehensive supports that are different from their usual arrangements.

These are non-typical days and may include Short Term Accommodation (STA) in a separate singular, or group-based facility. This may include a period of respite, which aims to support ongoing caring arrangements between participants and their carers. STA/respite allows the opportunity for the participant to be supported by someone else whilst providing their carer with short term breaks from their usual caring responsibilities.

This include all expenses in a 24-hour period including assistance with self-care or community access activities, accommodation, food and negotiated activities. Typically, this type of support would be used for short periods of up to 14 days at a time (exceptions may be made). In cases where a participant will receive substantially less than 24 hours of assistance with daily personal activities, it may be appropriate for the participant and provider to negotiate a lower price than the maximum price specified in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits, based on the actual hours of support provided. This situation might arise, for example, if a participant enters a STA/respite facility in the evening, and exits again early the following morning.