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What is Behaviour Management?

In this context, Behaviour Management involves the assistance of a qualified allied health professional. They work with individuals with disabilities to develop strategies tailored to their specific needs, addressing underlying behaviours and concerns.

These therapies establish a long-term, positive framework aimed at minimising challenging behaviour.

What does this mean for you?

If Behaviour Management has been suggested for you, consistent sessions with an allied health professional can prove beneficial. These sessions can aid in enhancing your understanding of processing emotions and circumstances, thereby helping you steer clear of unhelpful or unhealthy behaviours. Instead, you can develop new and positive coping mechanisms.

Why is Farris Care Services the right provider for you?

At Farris Care Services, we prioritise the provision of comprehensive mental health support. We carefully select highly qualified professionals to join your care team. You will be connected with an allied health professional who possesses the requisite expertise and skills to develop a deep understanding of your needs over time. They will patiently assist you in managing your behaviour in a manner that promotes your overall well-being and best interests.