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What is Behaviour Management?

Behaviour Management in this context refers to the support of a qualified allied health professional who is able to engage with individuals with disabilities to build strategies according to their needs that deal with underlying behaviours and concerns to help address behavioural issues.

These therapies are a long-term positive framework put in place provided to minimise challenging behaviour.

What does this mean for you?

If Behaviour Management has been recommended for you, regular sessions with an allied health professional can be beneficial in assisting you to better understand how to better process your emotions and circumstances so that you are able to avoid engaging in behaviours that are either unhelpful or unhealthy and instead, develop new and more positive coping mechanisms.

Why is Farris Care Services the right provider for you?

At Farris Care Services we emphasise the importance of appropriate mental health support and engage only the best qualified professionals to be a part of your care team. We will link you to an allied health professional that has the appropriate experience and skill to get to know you on a deeper level over time and patiently assist you in managing your behaviour in ways that serve your best interest.

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