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What is Plan Management?

When managing the financial side of your NDIS plan you have three possible options to choose from: NDIA managed, self-managed or plan managed.

When you are plan managed, this means there is a provider undertaking the financial management of your plan which includes: setting up arrangements, making payments to providers of your choice and developing monthly statements for participants claiming for payments from the NDIS.

This support may include liaising with providers in regard to the provisions of support and implementation of your plan.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re plan managed, you have less to worry about in terms of the financial end of your plan as you can entrust that there are qualified professionals managing this funding for you to best suit your needs.

Why is Farris Care Services the right provider for you?

The plan managers at Farris Care Services are highly skilled and responsible individuals that prioritise participant needs and interest when managing your funding to ensure you have a stable set up of supports to last you through from the beginning right up until the end of your plan period. Our plan managers work in collaboration with Support Coordinators and providers to ensure the budget we develop accounts for all the supports you require to be delivered at a frequency that supports your level of need.